#fundTrove Hot Tips

  1. Dots

    Click any dot to show all related activity. Hover on a dot to see the details of the tweet. You can change the sizes of the dots - see Settings below.

  2. Tweets

    Many of the elements in a tweet are clickable: name, date, hashtags, urls, mentions. The buttons on the right of a tweet let you share or fave it.

  3. Dates and Count

    Click on a date divider to focus all tweets for that day. Similarly, click on a count divider to focus on a block of 1000.

  4. Re-Order

    Use the right nav to re-order the tweets. The order that you re-order matters. Give this a try: order by Retweet count, then re-order by Kind.

  5. Settings

    Click the gear icon in the left nav to access the settings. You can set the minimum and maximum dot size, and change the colour scheme.

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