Tate Explorer

~55k images

~500k colours

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This is an early alpha release of some work-in-progress. Hopefully it is functioning well enough for you to have a play and discover some of the wonderful artwork lurking within the Tate's online collection.

A couple of key elements of the work:

1. Colour is the main focus for exploring the collection.

The idea here is to investigate how colour can work in tandem with other metadata to enrich the browsing experience.

2. Most of the processing is happening client-side in your browser.

The app downloads the entire dataset at the start. All the colour filtering is being calculated live in the browser. The data is hosted in some google spreadsheets and the images come from the Tate.

I'll continue to update this work and will be documenting all of its details. If you have any thoughts/suggestions feel free to ping me on twitter